Thai Sun Foods Co., Ltd. is join venture among 3 companies : Thai President Foods Public Company Limited, I.C.C International Public Co., Ltd. And Sahaphaphatanapibul Public Co., Ltd. The company was established in 1994 to produce canned fruit juices, botie fruit juice, canned Asian drink, such as 25% orange juice, grassjelly, winter melon and soursop.

The company’s GREEN MATE brand represents high-quality products and customer satisfaction. The production line follows strict quality control and applies the HACCP standard to ensure the highest product quality and acceptance among consumers.

Thai Sun Foods has launched its products into both domestic and overseas markets. The products are well accepted in many countries in Westren Europe and Sounthest Asia such as Singapore,Malaysia and other neighboring countries. The company alos provides OEM services to customers as required. With a number of 250 employees,the company can generate total sales of around $US 20.0 millions annually.